-About Dolly The Bouncing Sheep
Prior to becoming a sheep, Dolly spent sixteen years as the Chief Executive of an Internet Web Development Company which developed and looked after 3,000+ websites for commercial companies. Dolly's services as a consultant are utilised by the NACC and several other unrelated organsanisations for advice, guidance and technical assistance in maintaining their websites.
As an unpaid consultant to the NACC, Dolly has no editorial responsibility for the content of the site which is entirely dictated by the webmaster of the NACC to whom any questions should be addressed. By way of light relief I will from time to time venture an entirely personal observation on the site - in accordance with the statement on the website if you find any such comment to be offensive please do let me know and I will remove the comment. Additionally I will at no charge add your name to the 'Members of Limited Humour' list to inhibit the remotest chance of any repeat performance. If for any reason anyone should find these instructions too complicated to understand, then they should feel free to go off on a wobbler instead. It will doubtless dawn on me at some stage what its probably all about and I can then remove the item, add them not only to the MoLH list but also to the all new 'Members who apparently have an IQ which is numerically less than the capacity of their bikes' list.

-Get Dolly The Bouncing Sheep on your computer

You can have your very own Dolly The Bouncing Sheep on your desktop.
Astound your friends with a bouncing sheep that lives on your computer
and generally wanders about in a sheep like fashion.
Click here to download, and then click 'Run' when it asks you what you want to do (twice).

As Dolly is of course the most famous clone of all times you can have more than one of them
in fact you can have as many as you like by repeating the steps above.
The longer you have them the stranger the things that they do.

You can send Dolly home by double clicking on her and then clicking 'Remove'

If you really must then you can contact Dolly by email : dolly@thebuzzingclub.co.uk